About – Mission and Vision

I have always been a good student. I remember at a very young age saying I will never stop studying, and if I could go to school forever I would. I was and am a lover of knowledge.

That doesn’t mean it came easy to me, I was also a hard worker.

But here’s what I saw happening, first during my school years, and then later with the peers of my 3 kids, and that was no matter how hard a kid worked, there was a rapid decline in the absorption and understanding of what was being learned.

Then even worse, issues arising related to lack of study technology, resulted in illiteracy and medical diagnosis that was not correct and had long term detriment to the child and ultimately adult.

My kids had all the benefits many others did not. Starting at Montessori, then getting specialized study tech training, and then private online school where they could work at their own pace yet get the support they needed. Without the study tech however, that route could be a failure for most participants. I wanted to create an environment where the right start or new beginning was available to everyone.

Then research shows those that often had a rough start to life, education and opportunity, lived in poverty. After traveling to over 100 countries, and speaking on stages and to women in over 37 of them, I got first hand knowledge that women wanted to learn, wanted to earn, and wanted to have the same opportunities they see others receiving.

After opening women’s business centers in Dubai and Kuwait, in countries where for the first time women were allowed to become entrepreneurs, I wanted to do something similar where I lived.

The vision is to have different centers for education and empowerment for women and children so they can get the jump start or restart they need to achieve their goals.

I invite you to support the future of our society and back bone of the family so that we can all have the opportunities that should be a human right.